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Scriber mascot typing SOAP Notes

Currently, Scriber is our loyal mascot and the embodiment of our mission statement, "Easy, Fast, Done". A better question would be, "How did Scriber come to be?". To answer these questions, we need to take a short look at the history of Scriber. In the 1980s we called Scriber "The Typing Engine" and in the 1990s we added to his title "The Typing and Filing Engine". When we considered all that Scriber does for your SOAP Notes and management of your patient documentation we realized that he had a very boring name. Here is what we did about it, a few years back we officially gave him the credit he deserves and named him, Scriber. We also gave Scriber some new responsibilities and have tried to bring him to life. These days, when you use our SOAP Notes software you will always catch a glimpse of Scriber working. When you ask questions about SOAP Notes like, "What is a Soap Note?" or "How do I use a SOAP Note template?", Scriber will be there to greet you and show you the way. In fact, he is the moderator of our forum and our Verbiage Club. Most importantly Scriber is always on the ready, hard at work typing thousands of words a minute and filing all your patient documents, all to make your life easier by getting the documentation job done.