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Windows 11 requires Version 7.2, released on 10/01/2021

To compare your current product versions to the shipping version use QRunner and click the 6th button to launch QWeb and then click on the button twice. You can now compare your product version with the table below.

App Versions Current as 01/2024 Released on 02/2020
*QWeb (with auto WS updates)
QNotes Office (New Name Search. From Date)
*QRunner (with Cloud Register)
Scriber / QCM
QConnect for PDQ
*Help Me Now (with Support Message)
PDQ (Chrome) (IOS)
PDQ Server

Click HERE for the Coronavirus verbiage updates, as well as the Version 7 Guide.
New features in Version 7. Including...

Paperless Card Capture and Forms and Mail Scanning!
Intake Forms, HIPAA and Consent Forms, and Diagnostic Reports can be scanned/viewed in QNotes Office EMR. Cards and Licenses can also be scanned into the EMR. Now we have added a new database for patient mail and documents. We recommend a duplexing desktop scanner and tested affordable models from Epson or Brother. Later in 2021 we will be offering a training package to help you go paperless.

Mail Scanning

Export Documents as RTF and PDF Files!
We added RTF and PDF batch export support to meet requirements now in place in many states. Pick a document or batch, and send to a desktop folder (with appropriate settings for auto naming) and attach notes to your billing or clearing house software.

Export Documents

Letterhead and Digital Signature Package!
We designed a Letterhead Feature for QNotes Office EMR. Send or Email us a copy of your Letterhead and we can digitize it as a service. Then you can select which documents will print with Letterhead. The Letterhead feature is being packaged with our compliant Digital Signature as part of a new package.


Digital Scanned Letterhead support

Version 7

Windows 11 brings world class Voice Reconition to QNotes
Help-Me-Now now allows you to enter a message to us before connecting
Date of Service document export for clearing house requirements
ICD10 updates - now with fractures and contusions
PDQ ROM upgrade and other new PDQ features
New Reports including a birthday list
Quick Day Sheets (QDS) Period End