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PDQ Touch Notes™ and QNotes Office EMR

"From Touch… to Notes… in One Easy Step!"

  • SOAP Notes and Electronic Medical Records
  • Portable Dictation and Touchscreen Devices
  • Create Your Notes Anytime and Anywhere
  • Improve Office Workflow; Protect the Practice
PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad Qnotes Office

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Our original system, the patented Q'Notes Barcode System, began in the Chiropractic field, and was soon created for Podiatry, Physical Therapy and Dermatology. This daily notes system allowed the user to complete notes in a matter of seconds. In the early 1990's, the note systems were expanded to also include documents for initial visits and narrative reports. Other disciplines were also added, including Urology, Orthodontics, Family Practice and Nursing Homes. Technical advances in the mid-1990's led to newer computer-based products, and the Quick Notes team developed products like Doc-Q-Manager and Q'Notes Transcription for use by the entire staff. Since 1998, Quick Notes has embraced handheld technology, and in 2002 began offering the first portable ThumbWare™ touchscreen product for the PDA. Since 2014 we have supported both Android and Apple tablets.

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