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Smart Backup™ Kit

The Smart Backup Kit is one of our productivity packages that will work with your current QNotes. This software product includes all the tools and training you need to create proper backups. It is easy to use and quite fast; in fact the whole backup process usually happens in less than a minute. So there will be high compliance with your staff to use it regularly.

A good backup procedure is critical to running your business; in fact it is a matter of law that you must maintain a valid and current backup copy of your electronic patient records as well as a recovery plan.

Why was Smart Backup created?

Over the years, we have found that clients simply disregarded the need to perform regular backups. Either they were never done, or just done too infrequently. We also determined that some clients were overwriting data on the same drive every time.

Our Smart Backup Kit takes a different approach than most traditional backups, because it shows you ongoing results. Most other backup solutions are "blind" in that you really don’t know if they have worked or not. The Quick Notes Smart Backup is designed to meet the requirement to perform regular backups of the QNotes Version 4 and 5 databases.

Smart Backup Kit includes at least three High Capacity 4GB external USB drives. These drives are programmed to only work on a specific day. So there is never, ever a fear of overwriting or corrupting your patient data. This is a rotating backup solution.

The patient SOAP Note data, QCode verbiage macros and Easy Template files will all be backed up. Optionally, if you use PDQ™ or QuiX™ Barcode products, then your original raw dictation files will be archived into a year-long history file.

Smart Backup Version 5 also has a cool new "drag-and-drop" feature, that lets you add any additional files to your backup. Just drag the files to the Scriber Guy holding the target!

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SmartBackup™ High Capacity USB Drives

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06/10/10 Version - Original Version
06/14/10 Version - Critical Fix: Now includes Qnotes.DAT as part of the backup.
06/14/10 Version - Fix: 4.x DAT size was reported as -1.
- Fix: Install program had the path as 'S' and not 'c:\qnotes'.
- Fix: First run always said - you already backed up today.
07/28/10 Version - Fix: Calculation for free space and added % free.
09/09/10 Version - Fix: Offsite drive saying backup corrupt.
09/09/10 Version - Added: Qcode macros added to backup.
11/12/10 Version - Fix: contents of Notes folder gets deleted during backup.
05/13/11 Version - Added: Improved Windows 7 compatibility (i.e. USB issue).
02/06/13 Version - Upgrade: QNotes Office V5, supporting new High Speed USB drives
02/20/13 Version - Fix: V5, contents of Notes folder was moved during backup.