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PDQ Touch Notes™ and QNotes Office EMR

"From Touch… to Notes… in One Easy Step!"

  • SOAP Notes and Electronic Medical Records
  • Portable Dictation and Touchscreen Devices
  • Create Your Notes Anytime and Anywhere
  • Improve Office Workflow; Protect the Practice
PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad Qnotes Office

Top 10 Reason to Buy

Ease of Use

Our software has always been one of the easiest-to-use and easiest-to-own on the market. We promise we will work hard to make the purchase, implementation and training as simple and worry free as possible. And we guarantee you'll be able to use our system with only an hour of training. Quick Notes... "Makes Life Easier for the Doctor and Entire Staff".


Each software product provides a rich set of unique professional features. Fortunately, this power and flexibility does not come at the expense of ease-of-use. Regardless of whether you are computer-savvy or completely lost, you will love our features and technologies.


We pride ourselves on producing high–quality and well–tested software products. Our solutions are state–of–the–art and progressive in every way. Of course, we do support our software with our award-winning Customer Service and Satisfaction. But it really does work like a charm!


We offer the only fully portable note systems on the market. None of our competitors have mastered the art of portability. Quick Notes has, and has done so with cutting-edge products that are efficient, lightweight and feature-filled.

We Show Our Face

We are proud to bring our software on the road numerous times each year. We are so happy to meet past, present and future clients everywhere we go. Many of the other software vendors simply never go out in public; could it be they are scared to meet you?

Years of Experience

Quick Notes is one of the original Documentation Software companies. We have a "Mind on the Future", and there is no disputing our staying power. We have learned what works and what doesn’t work in doctors’ offices.

Always in Your Own Words

We pride ourselves on the Verbiage this is why we are "Patient Charting". The verbiage is compliant, up-to-date and 100% customizable. Not only that, but our notes never sound canned or computer-generated; everyone always says our notes are pleasant and fully acceptable to the insurance and legal folks.

We Protect You

Quick Notes Software is protection for your practice. We offer security against all sorts of Medical/Legal Issues, Medicare Audits and Catastrophic Loss. In addition, our software is HIPAA and HIT compliant, and your patient charts are always safe and secure.

Save Valuable Time

Our Documentation Solutions save the practice valuable time. PDQ and QuiX are truly fast, getting most documents complete in under a minute. What you do with this time is your choice - go home early, see more patients, spend more time with each patient - but you do get a choice!

Low Price

Our prices on software and service give our users the best value for the money. We are truly affordable. Feel free to shop around and you'll see that our pricing is just what the doctor ordered.