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PDQ Touch Notes™ and QNotes Office EMR

"From Touch… to Notes… in One Easy Step!"

  • SOAP Notes and Electronic Medical Records
  • Portable Dictation and Touchscreen Devices
  • Create Your Notes Anytime and Anywhere
  • Improve Office Workflow; Protect the Practice
PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad Qnotes Office


Quick Notes is fully committed to our Clients and our Team during this Covid-19 pandemic. Please click here or visit "Resources" for additional information and documentation suggestions.

Quick Notes is our state-of-the-art documentation suite, and typically includes our flagship PDQ Touch Notes System, along with the QNotes Office EMR™.

PDQ Touch Notes™ works on most current iPads and Android tablets. With PDQ you can create fully compliant SOAP Notes in seconds, with easy-to-use screens and our Express Note™ technology. PDQ offers ultra-portability, so patient charts can be done in your office while seeing patients, or on the road!

QNotes Office EMR™ is our locally-installed Electronic Medical Records software. Notes from PDQ are instantly typed error-free, and filed away safe and secure in the EMR.

Learn what Quick Notes will do for you, and see the Top 10 Reasons to buy Quick Notes today!